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HantzGroupSM is a regional financial services firm operating primarily in Michigan and Ohio. We were established in January 1998 as an alternative to what consumers and businesses had available to them in the financial services marketplace. At that time, the industry was saturated with product offerings, but starving for knowledgeable advice.  There was, and is currently, no shortage for product choices.  However, the marketplace was missing out on the delivery of knowledge and solutions in the application of these product choices.

For organizations, we have created a team that solves the issues of both the employer and the employees.  We have established a full service team that sees it as a mission to positively impact your organizationís profitability, workforce productivity, and compliance issues.  We do this by directing our efforts fully across the design, management, and administration of your plans. In addition, we combine our consultantís expertise with a service process that leaves no issues to chance.

For our corporate clients we provide the following services:

The individuals that comprise HantzGroupSM have years of experience and success in the industry. At both the senior management level and consultant level we have a core group of leaders with 10-30 years in the industry. We employ over 200 financial consultants in 20 offices throughout the region.

Our company operates in a culture with three key aspects:

  • Our mission is personal growth - when we are growing our clients will prosper.

  • Our strategy is intellectual leverage - no one person can cover all of the complexities, but a well-resourced team can.

  • Our value proposition is solutions - solutions that may not necessarily exist today, but through growing and working as a team, can be created for a better future.