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Employer Access


Every business has key people who drive its success. How do you reward and retain yours? Our executive compensation planning can assist you in designing an effective compensation program to reward your key employees for their contributions to your success and, more importantly, to help retain them in to the future. This custom designed compensation plan will allow you to reward your key people in ways they will most appreciate, while keeping your costs to a manageable level.

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation

Supplemental Employee Retirement Plans (SERP)
SERPs allow key individuals selected by you to defer a portion of their compensation to meet their financial goals such as retirement. SERPs can be used by highly compensated individuals that have reached their maximums, or been excluded from your qualified plan, yet have a desire to save additional dollars for retirement or other long-term goals.

Bonus and Incentive Programs

Employee Stock Options
In today's employment environment Employee's are asking to participate in the equity growth of their employers. Many employers are not interested in providing direct equity ownership in their corporation or closely held business. Stock option plans can be an effective tool to have employees participate in the Company's growth and retain ownership.