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Employer Access


We believe we have a company that is uniquely positioned to be a top line resource for any organization. Our goal is to be a full-service provider of all aspects of your retirement plan program. In order to achieve this we have integrated a highly experienced consulting team, with strong plan provider relationships, and technology that allows us to work very confidently as an advocate for your retirement planning needs. Many companies have seen this as an opportunity to position their HR staff in strategic decision-making and away from administrative duties.  This in turn directly impacts your organizationís profitability and workforce productivity.

Services Offered

401k plans
Non-Qualified Plans
403b Plans
457 / 401a Plans
Deferred Compensation Programs
Profit Sharing Plans
Rollover / Roth IRA
Defined Benefit Plans

Plan Sponsor Support

When we consult with you on your retirement plan needs we believe we set ourselves apart by taking a complex set of issues and decisions and delivering it in a simple format. The format summarizes all of your decisions into three categories: cost, performance, and service. You determine the priority and weight you place on each area. This criteria is also a basis for what plan providers fit best into your organizations needs. Our goal is to become a partner of your employee benefits department. We are confident we can provide all of the related services necessary to give you personal and flexible support. We are not beholden to one plan provider or one benefit strategy. We are beholden to what you want to create in a workplace program, and have built an organization capable of providing it.

Participant Support

As a core philosophy of our organization, we maintain a strong focus on participant education. We work with you to educate your employees during the enrollment process and throughout their time with your organization. A unique enrollment process is implemented that involves both a group session and one-to-one employee meetings with a financial consultant. We provide substantial instruction to help participants make sound choices towards their retirement planning objectives. It is clearly evident that an employee that understands the benefits offered is more productive and recruiting and retention initiatives of your organization are supported.