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Many employers today are looking for innovative ways to attract, retain, and reward productive employees. Studies have shown that money is not the primary criteria employee’s use in deciding where they work.  HantzGroupSM has put in place many services that aid in giving organizations added benefits for their employees. This is where our educational services group makes its greatest impact.

Organizational Partner

We have created a team of highly experienced presenters that introduce into companies a multi-series financial workshop program. We believe a major role we play within an organization is to positively impact workforce productivity. Education, we have found, is a key. People want to grow and we can help you foster this concept.

Program Goals

  • To both educate and motivate employees to improve their financial situation
  • To provide a resource for the participants to take action, since advice only matters if it is implemented
  • To make your employees more productive by helping them understand the control they can have over their financial situation
  • To help you retain productive employees

Selected Topics

Achieving Your Financial Goals
Effective Debt Management Strategies
Planning for Retirement
Education Planning
Tax Strategies
Estate Planning
Consideration in Long Term Care